Museum musings

I work in a museum, so occasionally I will write about museum topics. Working in a museum is different from any other job I know of and this is a perfect forum to share my day to day work. I have written blog posts for other museum blogs; click here to see them.

All my museum related posts will be here for easy access. I hope you find it as exciting as I do!

Museum musings:

How collections are more than just the object: Belemnites and Battleships

Find out what we really do: What does a museum curator do?

It took me a long time to get a paid museum job. Here is how I got there: Top Tips to get a job in a museum

This title speaks for itself: Should museums charge for enquiries?

Museum curators get collections out and about. Here are a few ways: Pom pom Mammoths

Should museum collections have a price tag? I say no: The real value of museum collections

What museums really do, and why some University teaching collections are bad: That belongs in a museum!

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