Other blog writing

As well as articles in journals, I write a few posts for other blogs too. There are so many great blogs which accept guest posts it’s a great way write about something new and different. Here are the other posts I have written:

I manage the Twilight Beasts blog with a group of three awesome folk. This blog is about the incredible creatures that lived during the Ice Age. You can scroll through and explore these great beasts here.



For the Oxford University Museum of Natural History #Dodoroadshow I wrote a post about one specimen and how that links to the rest of the heritage in Plymouth. From the eyes of a fish. Read more here.


I wrote about how museum curators are not Indiana Jones. Read about it here.


The NatSCA 2017 conference looked at being provocative, including a talk about dressing up animals. I wrote about it here.


I was fortunate enough to get a grant to visit museums in America. I wrote about my museum hopping visit for the Art Fund here.

I was also humbled to be the Art Fund’s curator of the month (July 2018): here I am.


There is an excellent blog, Trowelblazers, which celebrates women archaeologists and geologists. I have written a few posts for them:

  • Janet Glassbrook, the lady who discovered the Roman brothel in Hambledon Valley. This was written with Jill Eyres who had worked on Glassbrook’s collections. Read about Janet here.
  • Amelia Edwards, the amazing lady who began was the Godmother of Egyptology and also started off the collections at the Petrie Museum, UCL. Read about Amelia here.
  • The TrowelBlazing Enigma. This post is about a photo of a woman in a fossil quarry and a search for her identity! Read about this mysterious woman here.
  • Hidden beauty in plain sight. Find out more about how plants dominated the land, and the amazing inspirational woman who taught me at University! Read more about her here.
  • Did a princess really find a unicorn? You bet ya! Read about her here.
  • The French Resistance, ancient cave art, and the earliest humans in the Americas. Find out more about the awesome Annette Laming here.


I am a regular contributor to the Museums and Heritage Advisor blog:

  • Collections management for natural history collections which can be read here.
  • Mapping the natural history collections across Britain and Ireland, which can be read here.
  • The Beauty of Curiosity, which can be read here.
  • Should the Natural History Museum replace Dippy with a Blue Whale? Find out here.
  • Curators today are a lot different that they used to be! Find out more here.
  • How museum curators are using social media to get their museums and their collections out. Read it here.
  • Did Ross Gellar save British Museums? A serious question. Find out here.
  • Can museums inspire the next generation of scientists? Find out here.
  • Bring out your dead: How museum collections can contribute to environmental sustainability. Read it here.
  • Touching the past: Find out the importance of our collectors relatives here.
  • How museums inspire people with the natural world. Read how here.
  • Some important laws to know about for those who look after natural history collections. Find out here.
  • The danger of shrinking subject specialist roles in museums is big. Find out why here.
  • How is an important project in the South West is safeguarding natural history collections? Find out here.
  • Should museum curators be co-authors on scientific publications? Yes. And here’s why.
  • How different subject specialists can work closer together, because we all are part of the museum ecosystem.
  • Can museums be a little bit more exciting with their labels! Of course they can!


I often write for the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery Blog about events and collections:


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