Good Science Blogs

There are a myriad of wonderful Blogs out there. We live in a time with so many enthusiastic scientists who love to write about what they are doing! I will try and keep this updated with new ones I come across.

We can’t know everything in the world, but these beautifully written little blogs below help us to get that bit closer at understanding something;

Museums and natural history collections:

Zygoma – A great Blog about natural history, museums, and a weekly ‘mystery bone’ to identify. The greatness of this blog is the clear witty honesty! (Twitter @PaoloViscardi)

Grant Museum of Zoology – Witty, interesting, current and honest posts about natural history collections, museums and zoology. Great reads. (Twitter @GrantMuseum)

Wunderkammer – An interesting amaglamation of museum related posts from a trainee natural history curator. (Twitter @RussellDornan)

Museum Minute – A nice round up Blog with good museum posts and links to many other museum bloggers. (Twitter @MuseumMinute)

General Natural History:

Natureafield – Beautifully laid out, clear and elegantly written posts mainly about amphibians, but other creatures from the natural world. (Twitter @HeidiKayDeidi)

Wild Nature Blog – Great local natural history Blog about local wildlife seen in Britain. (Twitter @DavidjCraven)

Green Tea and Velociraptors – Lovely posts about the latest dinosaur information from a PhD student enthusiastic about cooomunication science. (Twitter @Protohedgehog)

Trowelblazers –  Fantastic Blogging about amazing female archaeologists, geologists and palaeontologists. (Twitter @trowelblazers)

Tetrapod zoology – Amazing posts about fossils and dabbles with posts about cryptozoology (yeti, mermaids, etc). (Twitter @Tetzoo)

Laelaps – Awesome palaeontology (fossils) posts about the most recent research and the historical science. (Twitter @Laelaps)

Not Exactly Rocket Science – Latests science right here, from genetics to Cambrian fossils. (Twitter @EdYong209)

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