Museum Twitterati

Twitter is a wonderful virtual world. It allows us follow our colleagues from all over the world and keep up to date with what they are up to. We are able to interact, make new contacts, and even develop new projects all over invisible connections bouncing up and down and around the planet. Many of the people on Twitter I have never met in real life but seeing what they are up to, and chatting about Clan of the Cave Bear or this fossil, it is like you really do know them.

For some of us in the museum world, we may meet once a year at an annual conference. For many others, Twitter is what keeps us together. We can quickly tag someone in a tweet who may be able to help, or may be interested, and the contact is instantaneous. We can even build up links with people outside of our main fields of expertise. There is a wonderful museum community on Twitter. And it is growing.

What a wonderful world we live in today.

I was very honoured to be nomiated along with 4 other wonderful museum folk, for #TwitteratiChallenge by Katie Hobbs in Brighton. (This is a few weeks late, and I can only blame it on sinusitis, which was a real headache.) #TwitteratiChallenge has been slightly re-jigged to #MuseumTwitterati and the aim is to nominate 5 people in museum folk who then nomiate 5 more, and so on. The hashtag is pretty cool, because it highlights more people in that field who you can follow.

It is actually pretty difficult to nomiate people for this. I interact daily with many museum curators, with a number of regulars who are friends. Knowing many UK museum curators myself, and knowing that many UK curators know many UK curators, I am nominating five American museum curators. Some you may know, some maybe not. But they are worth following, because of the interesting things they get up to, and they are awesome!

Here are my nomiated Museum folk for #MuseumTwitterati.

– Julia (I dont know your surname!!) (@Julesinspace) is curently finishing her PhD in biological anthropology, whilst also working in museum education. Plus she also does a pretty cool blog on how to create bird study skins 🙂

– Roger Arnold (@roger_arnold) works at the Newark Museum with the arts of global Africa.

– Bailee DesRocher (@Museum_Monster) is a development coordinator, science educator, volunteer fossil preparator at the Natural History Museum of LA County. Bailee does some wonderful illustrations too!

– Andrew Farke (@AndyFarke) works at the Alf Museum, California,and carried out research with dinosaur fossils! He also does his own home brewing!

– Carrie Eaton (@carrieeaton) is a curator at the University of Wisconsin Geology Museum and tweets about her fantastic collections!


  1. You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life (ex-colleagues are fine, it’s a small sector and we’d run out of people in no time otherwise).
  2. You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge or #MuseumTwitterati (sorry Jan Freedman)
  3. Copy and paste the ‘Rules’ and ‘What to do’ information into your own blog post and be sure to cite @TeacherToolkit since they came up with the idea.

What to do:

  1. Within 7 days of being nominated you must write your own blogpost identifying the top-5 museologists that you regularly go to for ideas, support and challenge. Share this on Twitter using the hashtag #MuseumTwitterati and tag them in – they are thus nominated.
  2. If you do not have your own blog, write your list by hand or on a computer, take a photo/screenshot and upload it to Twitter, tagging the people mentioned (yes, you can do that) and using the hashtag #MuseumTwitterati – they are thus nominated.


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2 responses to “Museum Twitterati

  1. What a neat idea – I wonder if a similar thing could be done for nature Twitter people?

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