A truly awful cast

Words cannot describe this weeks Bad Cast. Really they can’t. Last weeks bad cast was just so bad it was actually pointless (here). This week’s is just bloody awful.

One of the worst casts you are ever likely to see.

One of the worst casts you are ever likely to see.

This is very bad. It lacks any detail.  It is incredibly, unprofessionally finished with child-like precision. Looking closely at the lighter grey part (which, remember is supposed to represent rock), brush marks are shown without embarrassment.

The maker of this cast presumably was not a child. Casts in museums were made by professional companies wanting to add wonderful specimens to make museums collections more exciting. I don’t know how this one ended up in the museum, but sweet mother of moulds, the company must have given some great selling talk!

There is no information with this cast. But I do know it is supposed to be a trilobite (I wrote a little about trilobites here). The original fossil did have eyes (look closely at the top and there are two round bits poking out). It was pretty flat, which meant that this trilobite was very likely a swimming one (a flatter body would make it more streamline). It could have also been a burrowing trilobite; it may have buried itself in the sediment, as a flat bodies would have made it pretty easy to slide into the soft mud.

I don’t know if it was a beautiful, elegant swimmer, or a more cowardly diver into mud. I do know this is a really terrible cast. There are some pretty bad ones I have already written about. And goodness me, more to come. For the moment however, this is up there in the top five bad casts ever made.

There isnt much you can say about something that is just simply awful.

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